Let’s Discover the Magic of Creativity

Let’s Discover the Magic of Creativity

Who am I?

I am just like you.

I dream of having a creative life. Of having a successful novel. Of waking up each morning knowing that I only answer to myself. Of having the freedom to choose how my day goes.

Does that sound like something you want?

There are many roads to the life you want and it often takes the magic of creation to have the life you want. Sometimes it takes a bit of help to find the magic. 

Each day I come to the blank page and I wonder what will come out, if today will be the day where the magic that is creating happens.

The reality is most days that doesn’t happen but I come to the blank page anyway.

That is the magic.

Showing up each day, whether we want to or not. Showing up to welcome the muse in whatever form she takes. Of digging deep inside ourselves to discover those nuggets of pure magic that continues to give us hope.

These nuggets of magic don’t happen often and we hang onto them for dear life. We come to the blank page, putting our time, being ready when the muse is ready to give her gifts.

In this desperate desire, you are not alone. Anyone who has dreamt of publishing, their own show, seeing their words in print, you are not alone. We have all been there.

The problem is not all of the magic of creating happens on the blank page. Sometimes other things hold us back from finding our magic and that is when we reach out.

On the pages within, you won’t find tips on craft. Well, that is not my intention. On occasion, I may present something that seems pertinent, however, there are many fine blogs to help you with the craft of your choice. I wouldn’t presume to be an expert in these areas.

What happens now!

What you will find in the pages within are the other parts of creativity.

What keeps you from being your best creative self.
Where your blocks are.
How to keep going when your life gets in the way.
How to create rituals that help you feed your creativity.
Creative work is soul work, how to reach yours.
And much more…

For those who want, or need, more intensive work, I am available for individual sessions. My goal is to help you reach your creative dreams.

In fact, for a short amount of time, I am looking for practice clients as I complete my coaching certifications. If you are interested in a free session or two, please contact me using the following link.

Yes, I want to work with you!

So, sit back, grab a cup of coffee and lets explore your creative life.

Until next time,


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